WELCOME TO THE KBL pureEnergy 5.0!

Pure beauty. Pure simplicity. Pure perfection. KBL’s pureEnergy 5.0 system is more than a tower. It’s a monument.


The KBL pureEnergy 5.0 offers a combination of unprecedented, exclusive characteristics.

Ultimate tanning results by maximum power for users.

The ergonomic arrangement of grab handles inside the tower makes standing, while tanning, comfortable and provides an even all-around tan.

Unparalleled design highlights such as the transparent acrylic ceiling, which illuminates the inside of the tower with graphic ornaments , or the appealing front create an atmosphere never seen before which will turn heads.

This pure beauty contains 52 total lamps to produce a pure outstanding 10,400 watts of power!


  • ACS Intelligent technology ensures a gentle startup and soft shutdown of the booth.
  • bodyCool powerful fan helps maintain a soothing zone during tanning sessions.
  • MP3, SD card audio system and volume control
  • megaVoice
  • Bluetooth connectivity — optional

The amazing KBL pureEnergy 5.0 is offered in our Level 2 sunbeds and is available at our following location:

Grand Palms – Castle Rock

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