The brand new Mystic Tan Kyss is the very latest in heated sunless spray tanning technology, that is designed to consistently deliver you a customizable, perfect and natural looking tan.

Every step of your sunless journey, from solution selection, to adding Mystic Myxers™, to the state-of-the-art booth environment, is easy, fun and focused on delivering you a perfect tan every time.

  • Mystic Tan Kyss is styled, simple and smart.
  • Enjoy a warm, spacious and inviting environment inside the booth.
  • Easy-to-follow voice prompts make tanning sessions simple.
  • It’s easy — with only two positions for mistake-proof tanning.
  • Only three minutes to achieve your desired even, full-body tan.
  • Sprays gently with multiple passes for complete and even coverage resulting in a natural, perfect tan every time.
  • Heated dry time during and after tanning sessions make for a more comfortable experience with no tackiness. Plus, it’s faster.

Whatever the moment – wedding, date, vacation, party or just because you deserve it – it’s always the right time to Mystic Tan! After performing 50+ million tans, you can be confident that Mystic Tan will give you the look you desire for every… style, mood, season or event.



Mystic Tan sunless spray tan solution transforms skin color to a deep, natural tan. The spray tan solution, in single-use cartridges, is formulated with Eco-Cert DHA, Eco-Cert Erythrulose and D-Odor 200™, which work in combination to produce a beautiful tan that lasts longer, fades more evenly, and provides a natural color for all skin tones.

Mystic Tan sunless spray tan solution is available in three choices:

  • Luminous Light: 1–3 shades darker than your natural skin tone
  • Magical Medium: 2–4 shades darker than your natural skin tone
  • Dazzling Dark: 3–5 shades darker than your natural skin tone


Choose from an exciting variety of Mystic Tan Myxers™ to personally customize your Mystic Tan Kyss sunless tanning experience.

You can add as many Mystic Tan Myxers™ as you want to your Mystic Tan solution single-use cartridge to customize your tan and enhance your skin tone whatever the season, mood or event.

There are three types of Mystic Tan Myxers™:

  • Bronzers (Single or Triple): For an instant tan
  • Accelerator: Amplifies, accelerates and extends your sunless tan
  • Scents: An aromatic experience


For those who want an instant, beautiful dark tan immediately after their Mystic Tan Kyss sunless tanning session, you can choose a Single Bronzer Myxer™ or a Triple Bronzer Myxer™.


For those who want their Mystic Tan Kyss sunless tan to develop in HALF THE TIME that it normally takes for a sunless tan to develop, you can choose to add the Accelerator Myxer™. The Accelerator Myxer™ balances your skin’s pH levels, helps hydrate and moisturizes your skin, and contains antioxidants to help reduce free-radical damage and environmental stress.


Add a spark to your Mystic Tan Kyss experience and give your skin a light and refreshing fragrance. Available in a variety of scents, making customization easy for everyone:

  • Warm Vanilla
  • Coconut Lime
  • Fresh
  • Sport
  • Limited edition seasonal scents are also available

Come to The Grand Palms today to experience the amazing Mystic Tan Kyss…tanning perfection sealed with a KYSS!


 The Mystic Tan Kyss is now available at all Grand Palms locations!

*No appointment necessary.

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